Top 3 Crowdfunding Tragedies

#1 OVERFUNDING: Radiate Athletics: The Future of Sports Apparel

  • radiate
  • CEO quote: “The whole thing has been a nightmare.”
  • Summary: Unexpected success, no mass production strategy
  • Stats: asked for $30k, raised $580k = 1833% overfunded
  • The whole story
  • Moral: Prepare for the best. Make sure you’ve gotten feedback on feasibility, MOQ and price from a *factory* (not just an engineering team or prototyping lab).

#2 TECHNOLOGY: The Pocket Drone – Your personal flying robot

  • pocketdrone
  • CEO quote: “The company’s leadership … took on over $100,000 in personal debt … in order to assemble and ship all the units that were ordered.”
  • Summary: Product not engineered for mass production
  • Stats: asked for $35k, raised $929k, overfunded 2555%
  • The whole story
  • Moral: Engineer for mass production. If you ever hope to make a profit from your product, you need to design something that is relatively straightforward to mass-produce. A working prototype is not necessarily proof of this.

#3 CHINA! Kreyos: The ONLY Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control

  • kreyos
  • CEO quote: “[My worst decision was] falling victim to … VIEWCOOPER CORP and its CEO Pro Yang who, ultimately perpetrated an intricate conspiracy against Kreyos.”
  • Summary: Eaten alive in China
  • Stats: asked for 100k, raised $1.5m = overfunded 1402%
  • The whole story (must read for anyone who’s been to China)
  • Moral: What can go wrong, will. Murphy’s Law is the only law you can count on. Always have a backup factory and references whenever possible.


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